10 Clever Ways To Stop Wasting Food At Home And Save Money

In 2017, Singaporeans threw away 809,800 tonnes of food. Only about 16 per cent of that was recycled, according to a report by the NEA. The rest of the disposed food are incinerated at waste-to-energy (WTE) plants.

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Experts say that the amount of food waste generated on our island alone has gone up by 40 per cent over the past 10 years, and the number is set to rise with our ever-growing population and robust economy.

More than just making you feel bad (we’ve all heard someone say, “There are people starving in Africa, so you better finish your food”), food waste brings about a slew of environmental problems too, such as: contaminating recyclables, which compromises recycling efforts; increasing odour nuisance issues; and, if not managed properly, encouraging vermin like rats to proliferate. 

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Well, what can we do about it?


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Chefs and industry experts share their top 10 tips to curb food wastage at home (with the added bonus of saving some money as well!):