What NOT To Buy For Your Pregnant Friend At Her Baby Shower Party

You’re sitting there in your fave floral summary frock, casual wedges, hair glossy and with a hint of beachy wave; you have toilet paper wrapped around your belly and a baby bottle hanging around your neck – yes, you are the perfect baby-shower guest.

You picked out the most gorgeous onesie and had it wrapped in neutral yellow with a white bow. It’s about three gifts away from being opened after she unwraps this green package with a similar white bow. Mum looks at what’s inside, exclaims with joy how magnificent the contents are and then, with a flourish, holds it up for all to see. CRAP! It’s the exact same onesie you spent ages picking out.

When it comes to buying gifts for a mum-to-be, it’s very difficult to get it wrong. So here are some pointers so you can get it very, very right instead:

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