Where To Get The Best Home Delivery Confinement Meals In Singapore

Where To Get Home Delivery Confinement Meals In Singapore

We’re used to ordering food from Deliveroo, Food Panda and Uber Eats, but would you turn to home delivery confinement meals? Many new mothers here are using home delivery services for their post-partum recovery meals, as they find it convenient and cheaper than hiring a full-time, 28-day confinement nanny.

The services of such a nanny usually costs about $3,000, which is about $1,000 more than ordering a 28-day long confinement meal service. While the nanny’s fees go towards cooking of meals and looking after the child, many mothers say they would rather do the latter themselves or have their parents or in-laws do so.

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Mrs Ruby Sim, a parenting blogger, believes that because she did not adhere to a confinement meal diet, her milk flow was affected and that made breastfeeding difficult. She wanted to ensure that she could enjoy a steady supply of such nourishing meals after her second son was born.

“It was so convenient to have lunch and dinner provided. And I saved money because I just ordered the meals and did away with having a confinement nanny.

“I didn’t have to worry about what to eat or what ingredients and herbs to buy for the nanny to cook my meals,” adds Ruby, who tried six different confinement meal providers last year before deciding on one of them.

Here’s what you need to know about getting confinement meals delivered in Singapore – and where to find them.

Text: Bryna Singh, The Straits Times/ Additional Reporting: Lisa Twang