8 Must-Visit Cafes For The Fluffiest Japanese Souffle Pancakes In Singapore

Japanese soufflés are fast becoming the next biggest food trend, judging by how many photos are tagged #soufflepancake and the increasing number of cafes offering this dessert. No surprise: The Japanese soufflé, which is a much thicker version of a typical pancake, is airy, light and silken smooth, thanks to the egg whites that are whipped into a meringue.

There’s also the photogenic factor —  the thick pillowy stacks — often drowned with decadent toppings such as matcha syrup, ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream — have a cute ‘wobble’, i.e. they are perfect for that boomerang shot.

Here are eight places in Singapore to get your fill of these fluffy Japanese soufflé pancakes:


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Text: Lauren Ong and Eunice Quek/Straits Times