Who Will Walk Meghan Markle Down The Aisle? Here Are Our Guesses

It’s the shocking Royal Wedding scandal that has the world’s heart breaking for Meghan Markle.

Just five days out from her May 19th nuptials to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle has confirmed he will no longer be walking his youngest daughter down the aisle.

In the aftermath of the staged paparazzi drama and his reported ill health, the 73-year-old lighting director has tapped out of the main event.

Whatever your opinion on Thomas may be, there’s no denying that this unexpected turn of events proves one simple fact – all families are complex, dysfunctional and fragile in their own unique way.

Even a small-scale family wedding is enough to bring out intense family dynamics (shout out to my stepmum for having a meltdown over not being mentioned in my sister’s wedding speeches), so spare a thought for the Markle clan who’ve had to let this play out on the world’s stage. We can’t even imagine the pressure Meghan and her father Thomas must be under.

But with Thomas officially out, who will walk Meghan Markle down the aisle at the Royal Wedding? We explore the bride-to-be’s options…

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