The Reason This Mum Made Her 5-Year-Old Pick Rubbish For A Day Will Melt Your Heart

In a now-viral post, the Bangkok 'rubbish boy' learned a valuable lesson about hard work and money after refusing to go to school

school toddler

Here’s one method to get your pre-schooler enthusiastic for school. After her 5-year-old refused to go to school, one mum in Thailand decided to teach her son a lesson in life. Mum Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul and her husband took the day off, bringing their son out on the streets with them, to be a Bangkok ‘rubbish boy’ for the day. 

They made the boy pick up plastic and glass bottles from bins and along the road, before selling them for cash. In a Facebook post on Jan 18, Nuttanitcha detailed how they walked about 2.2km, picking up about 2kg worth of bottles, which fetched about 2 baht (S$0.08).

After they were done, the boy asked his mother: “Can we take the bus?” But she replied: “Do you have money? Taking the bus costs 10 baht.” He replied: “No.”

“Then we have to find more bottles to earn more money”, said Nuttanitcha. To her amusement, the child replied: “It’s ok, I’ll walk.”

The boy then followed with another request: “I want ice cream,” to which Nuttanitcha said: “It costs 5 baht, do we have enough?” Again he dejectedly said “No, I don’t want it anymore.”


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