Stepping into 3 Petits Croissants, we were greeted with a wide selection of pastries, sandwiches and desserts. The aroma of freshly baked goodies wafting from the kitchen got me excited to try them out.It being the first time here with my sister, Eileen, we had a hard time deciding what to try, but settled for the signature pastries recommended by the owner. Biting into the plain croissant, I could immediately taste the difference. The croissant was light and flaky with a soft buttery interior. It’s not so heavy and you can have two, or even three!

3 Petits Croissants
Croissants at 3 Petits Croissants are freshly baked in store. (Photo credit: 3 Petits Croissants’ Instagram)

We also tried the Chocolate Croissant which was denser than the plain one, and had multiple layers of pastry beneath a crisp outer shell encasing a delicious chocolate filling. The highlight for us at 3 Petits Croissants was the new specialty – the Matchazuki Croissant – a fusion of a French croissant with Japanese ingredients! Using only premium matcha and azuki beans imported directly from Japan, the croissant’s matcha flavour came through as delicate yet fragrant. The azuki filling added a sweet dimension to the buttery croissant roll, giving it a unique taste – it’s definitely my favourite here. The 70-seater bakery and cafe was spacious yet cosy, with simple modern interiors.

3 Petits Croissants
Besides croissants, the cafe also serves up coffee and other pastries. (Photo credit: 3 Petits Croissants’ Instagram)

The open-concept kitchen, where you could see bakers working using the huge imported oven, was a nice touch. Plus, the free WiFi here makes it a great place to hang around surfing the web or doing your work while enjoying a teatime treat. 3 Petits Croissants prides itself on pastries baked fresh daily using top-notch quality ingredients and priced affordably. So if you love artisanal baked goods but find the prices at other places a little too high, do yourself a favour and check this place out.

3 Petits Croissants is at #01-01/02 School Of The Arts (SOTA), 1 Zubir Said Road. Visit