1. You Remove The Skin

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If you’re grilling, baking or pan searing salmon, keep the skin on. The fatty skin helps prevent overcooking and gives it a nice brownish colour that looks appetising. When cooked, the fatty skin also provides flavour and natural oils.

2. You Season It Too Soon


Unlike meats like beef and chicken, fish doesn’t require as much tenderising. So, if you season your fish with marinades that have salt in it, you’re actually drawing out all the moisture from the fish, leaving it dry when you cook.

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3.  You Salmon Skin-Side Up 


Always place the fish skin-side down to prevent overcooking salmon’s delicate fatty flesh.

4. Leave The Fish On The Heat For Too Long


An overcooked salmon is usually flakey, dry and has an unbearable fishy smell.

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5.  You Don’t Remove The Pin Bones

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Those little bones are easy to choke on and are super uncomfortable to encounter so make it a point to remove them when you get them. Otherwise, ask your fishmonger for help.

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