1. Kim Peng Hiang

People love Kim Peng Hiang for its pineapple bak kwa. Generous chunks of pineapple are mixed in together with the meal. Some claim the pineapple makes it sweeter, some claim it makes it more tender. Either way, it is really delicious!

465 Changi Road

2. Kim Hwa Guan

It’s a small little hawker store selling bak kwa all year round, but come Chinese New Year, the queue explodes and the small hawker centre it is in becomes uncomfortably tight. People enjoy these bak kwa cause they claim it is a lot more tender and soft than other bak kwa.

#01-1022, People’s Park Food Centre

3. Kim Joo Guan

Did you know? Lim Chee Guan gets a portion of their bak kwa from Kim Joo Guan?! So if you love Lim Chee Guan, you’ll freaking love this. Thin, tasty slices make this the perfect Chinese New Year afternoon snack.

257 South Bridge Road


4. Kim Hock Seng

5 Places To Get Bak Kwa In Singapore

It might look dry, but these thick slices are pillowy and tender when fresh. A couple of days down the road it gets a little chewier but is still just as tasty! This one is good for people who don’t like too fatty bak kwa.

34 Keong Saik Road


5. Kim Joo Guan  x Supernature

5 Places To Get Bak Kwa In Singapore_5

This year, Kim Joo Guan is collaborating with health foods store Supernature to give you free-range barbecued pork slices. These pork slices come from the pigs of Linly Valley Farm and are fed a nutritious diet of natural grains. The best part is, they’re hormone-free.

Order online here