Food Mistakes_Boiling PastaMuch like chicken stock, pasta water is multipurpose and can be added to plenty of other dishes to help elevate flavours.

Here are five reasons why you should never throw out pasta water:

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  1. Use It As Seasoning For Your Pasta Sauce

Pasta water contains starch and salt, so adding a bit of it to the sauce you’re intending to make for your pasta gives it that extra flavour kick.

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2. Use It As A Soup Base

Add chicken, vegetables and even some pasta to turn your pasta water into a soup! You might have to add more seasoning and herbs to give it more flavour.

Broccoli florets

3. Boil Your Vegetables With It

Because pasta water already has salt, your vegetables will be doubly tasty!

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4.  Use It To Steam Rice 

Add just a bit of pasta water to your rice for a subtle flavour.

bread-789833_960_7205. Make Bread With It

Adding salty pasta water to breads will give it some texture.