We all love to try new recipes but there are certain things us home cooks tire of seeing and so it’s time to vent our frustrations.

We’re not talking about recipes that simply don’t work (although we have beef with those too) – more those that are over-complicated, include unnecessary ingredients or straight up lie to you (not that you’d find any of these on this site!). So once and for all we’re here to take a stand and say “NO” to nonsense recipes that only appear to make you look foolish and leave you hungry. Let’s count it down…

If you too, like us, have felt any of the above frustrations, why not try some of our speedy yet simple recipes on our website? We promise you they are made for the busy woman who just wants to simply whip up a fast and great meal for her family!

Text: The Australian Women’s Weekly / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan / Photos: 123rf.com, Pixabay

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