Bored of serving up the usual curry puffs, samosas and sandwiches for parties at home? Try this platter of sushi rice balls to surprise your guests – they are delicious, look great on your serving tray, and best of all, fun and easy to make! Click the video to learn from Allspice Institute’s Chef Fujisaki on how to make them step by step, and get the full recipes in the gallery below.

About The Chef
A third-generation sushi chef and sake sommelier, Chef Tadao Fujisaki comes from an established family of Japanese food craftsmen, and was taught the traditional skills passed down through generations. He learned about Japanese philosophy in his hometown of Nikko, and was a trainer for large sushi chains in Japan and other Southeast Asian countries. Chef Fujisaki is currently the head trainer for the SkillsFuture Japanese cuisine courses at culinary school Allspice Institute.

Allspice Institute conducts many culinary courses and programmes by in-house chefs and trainers. They also hold masterclasses featuring visiting chefs and food experts from around the region. Visit to learn more.

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