The truth about salad is that many find them boring. The other truth about salad is that is surprisingly easy to make more interesting.

So we tapped Australian chef and recipe developer for Sumo Salad, Kim Wiggins, to take us through how to make exciting salads.

Of course, you’re not going to make friends with salad if you just pile on a tomato, cucumber and carrot on a bed of lettuce leaves, but unfortunately, salad isn’t always dressed to impress. However, this shouldn’t be the case as a salad can have a lot to offer.

In one meal, you can meet your vegetable, protein and carbohydrate needs as well as feel satisfied and satiated. Here are some of Kim’s tips and tricks to give your salad that extra bit of “something, something”.

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Text: The Australian Women’s Weekly / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan / Photos: Pixabay,

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