How To Save Your Biscuits
Overcooked biscuits can happen to even the most seasoned bakers, so don’t fret if it happens to you. (Photo: Pixabay)

1. BUFF OFF OVERCOOKED PARTS If your biscuits come out slightly overcooked, you can still save most of them – simply use a grater to buff away any scorched bits. Too easy!

2. DID YOU CHECK BAKING TIME? If not biscuits are not baked long enough, they can remain too soft. Always remember the golden rule of baking: Follow all the timings strictly.

3. GET YOUR MEASUREMENTS RIGHT The other (even more important) golden rule of baking: Always measure the ingredients accurately according to the recipe. Investing in a set of baking measurement tools is highly recommended.

4. REVIEW THE TEMPERATURE If the temperature is set too high, this can harden the biscuits. Make sure your oven is set to the correct baking temperature as per instructions. A good oven allows you to set precise temperatures.

5. KEEP YOUR COOL We don’t just mean your mood while baking, we meant the biscuits which come out fine but spoil because they were not left to cool long enough on the tray. A little of the cooking time continues the tray, so resist moving them too quickly. And after a short time, you should move to them to a wire rack to cool completely.

Text: Woman’s Day, Bauer Syndication / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan