Cake balls
Turn your leftover cake into these cute cake balls or “cakesicles”! (Photo: Pixabay)

1. CAKE POPS Any leftover cake is great for making these or cake balls / cakesicles. If you have some leftover frosting as well you can use them over your leftover cake, if not, melt some chocolate over them, cool and then chill in the fridge for a treat the next day.

2. CAKE SHAKE This is easy to make with a blender – simply toss your leftover cake into it along with some ice-cream and milk or cream, and you will have a cake shake – kids will love it!

3. ICE-CREAM TOPPING Try folding leftover cake bits into some frozen plain ice-cream flavour like vanilla or chocolate (like how Marble Slab does it!) and you create a new delicious flavour, customised by you! It’s a way to save on buying artisanal ice-cream too.

4. BREAD PUDDING Bake your leftover cake into bread to make bread pudding. Be sure to reduce the amount of flour used and replace that amount with equal amount of leftover cake crumbs.

5. FRIED CAKE This is not so healthy, but it sure is delicious for an occasional treat… and it’s one of the best ways to revive dried-out leftover cake! All you need is to coat chunks of leftover cake in some fry batter and deep-fry in vegetable oil to make crunchy cake balls.