By now, you might already be having a headache over the plethora of mooncake flavours and brands available this year. And if you are getting a little tired of shopping for and tasting mooncakes, how about trying other types of pastries then?

The usual traditional baked mooncakes and snowskin mooncakes are not the only options, we really love this award-winning orh nee (Teochew yam paste) mooncake and these other famous traditional pastries. Your family will love them equally!

At Chinese restaurant Peony Jade, which has outlets in Clarke Quay and Keppel Club, the range of Teochew orh nee mooncakes, based on the well-known traditional Teochew yam dessert, is painstakingly shaped and moulded by hand. Watch how the pastry is hand-rolled to achieve the mooncakes’ multi-layered crust in the video below:

Smooth Teochew orh nee, which is slow-cooked for four to five hours, is encased in layers of crispy, flaky pastry. These mooncakes come in four versions, including orh nee with salted egg lava custard centres; and orh nee with pumpkin centres.

Here are other delicious traditional pastries we highly recommend for this Mid-Autumn Festival:

Text: The Straits Times / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan

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