Established in 1900, Yeo’s is one of Singapore’s oldest home-grown brands with a humble beginning as a little soy sauce production shop in Zhangzhou, China. Today, Yeo’s is a food and beverage conglomerate with a global network and has been lauded with many awards including SPBA Heritage Brand Award in 2015, Overall Winner of the SPBA 2017 Regional Brands award and one of The Weekly’s Heritage Heroes brands.

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Yeo’s Asian drinks have become staple refreshments to accompany mealtimes for many generations due to their authentic flavours. One of its bestsellers is Yeo’s Soy Bean Milk, which has a delicious, homemade taste, while another star product, Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea, features a light, floral aroma and formulated to be lower in sugar – earning it the “Healthier Choice” from the Health Promotion Board.

Singapore’s No. 1 Asian Drink*

Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea is freshly brewed using quality Hangbaiju flowers, while Yeo’s Soy Bean Milk is made with freshly-extracted whole soy beans, making it a great source of protein. It’s no wonder Yeo’s drinks are voted Singapore’s No. 1 Asian Drink!

*Based on Nielsen Singapore MarketTrack for Asian Drinks category MAT June ’18.

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