Naturel was introduced in 1993 by Lam Soon Group to cater to Singaporeans’ increasingly health conscious lifestyles. Its organic food products feature wholesome options made entirely with organic ingredients from single source origin – like the Naturel Organic 100% Hom Mali Brown Rice which is harvested in Sisaket, Thailand, where the seasonal climate and inland nature are ideal to produce quality rice with a nutty flavour and al-dente texture.

Endorsed as the “Healthier Choice” by the Singapore Health Promotion Board, each grain is free from cholesterol, trans fat, gluten and offers high dietary fibre. Each serving is equivalent to 200 per cent of daily whole grain requirement, ideal as a healthy everyday staple. It is certified organic with European Union standards – free from pesticides and commercial fertilisers, as nature intended.


Naturel Organic products are available at major supermarkets.

Brought to you by Naturel Organic

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