Pandan extract is used in the ubiquitous local favourite pandan chiffon cake, as well as in numerous types of kueh.

Pandan also adds flavour to dishes such as nasi lemak and chicken rice, as well as dessert soups including pulut hitam, bubor cha cha and more.

In nasi lemak, for example, some recipes call for just the leaves – knot them so that they can be easily removed once the rice is cooked; while other recipes will require you to add pandan extract when cooking the rice. This not only adds fragrance to the rice but also gives it a bright green hue.

Pandan extract is available in a bottle from supermarkets but it can be made from scratch in a jiffy too. Follow this simple step-by-step guide in the gallery, and watch the video below:

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Video/Screencaps: Rebecca Lynne Tan/The Straits Times / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan

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