Everyone has their own way of peeling an orange.

Some people cut them into wedges – think Chinese restaurant dessert platter-style. Some peel it with a paring knife. My mother is deft at this: She rotates the orange with one hand while the other peels the skin off in one long, continuous motion.

But what do you do when your recipe calls for segments?

Orange or grapefruit segments usually feature in salad recipes, as well as some recipes for roast meats and game. Cutting citrus fruit into segments is a great way to get kids to eat it too – no complaints about oranges being bitter or too chewy, no spat-out mess of fibrous membranes.

Here are the simple steps you should take to segment citrus fruit (watch the video for more details):

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Text/Video: Rebecca Lynne Tan/The Straits Times / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan

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