Slices of bread
Don’t take the easy way out by buying sliced bread; do it yourself at home as an unsliced loaf always keeps fresher. (Photo: Pixabay) 

WHOLE OR SLICED? Most bakeries will slice bread for you but beware: While this might seem more convenient, your bread will go stale faster due to increased moisture loss. If you want your loaf to last, definitely buy unsliced.

HARD OR SOFT CRUST? Soft breads give the appearance of lasting longer because they’re sponge-like – this is achieved through the addition of emulsified oils, enzymes and additives to prevent staling and moulding. Natural hard-crust style breads (like sourdough and others made without chemicals) have a shorter shelf life but nearly always have better flavour and nutrition.

BAG OR TEA TOWEL? Your supermarket breads or bakery breads come in their own bags, and this is the best thing in which to store them. Artisan-style breads are best wrapped in a tea towel and left in a cool place.

FREEZER OR FRIDGE? Fridge stales your bread faster, so try to avoid keeping it inside there. All bread will keep well frozen, and it’s best to freeze as soon as you can after purchase.

Text: Woman’s Day, Bauer Syndication / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan