muffin batter baking tin
Muffin tins are also good for cupcakes, tartlets and mini quiches.

If you’re not sure which baking pan is needed for the bake or roast you’re preparing, use this guide. Baking pans or tin sizes are important as they affect cooking time. If you need to use a different pan from the one specified in the recipe, make sure it has a similar volume and dimension.

  • FLAN Has fluted sides and a loose bottom which allows you to push the flan out of the sides. Used for flans, tarts and quiches. The common size is 20 cm across.
  • LOAF Used mostly for breads, fruit loaves or terrines. Loaf tins come in two sizes – 450 g and 900 g.
  • MUFFIN Other than muffins, it’s good for cupcakes, tartlets and quiches. Check out the size before you start as they come in different depths and diameters.
  • ROASTING Comes in several sizes. They all have high sides to help retain all juices and a wide rim to make lifting easier.
  • SANDWICH Round pans that come with or without a removable bottom and in a variety of sizes. The most common is 20 cm across and 2.5 cm deep. Used mostly for sponge cakes and deep quiches.
  • SPRINGFORM A deep metal ring with a spring release and a base that is clamped on. Ideal for baking cheesecakes or soft-filled cakes where the cake cannot inverted to remove from the pan.
  • SQUARE Available in sizes from 2.5 cm to 30 cm, these are perfect for wedding, Christmas and birthday cakes.
  • SWISS ROLL Approximately 25 x 30 cm and 2.5 cm deep. Made specially for Swiss rolls.

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