You’d generally expect not just a good meal but also good service at a restaurant. Not at Karen’s Diner.

The Sydney-born retro-themed restaurant chain has made a name for itself for its service — or lack thereof. And it has been going viral on TikTok and the web for its deliberately bad-mannered staff who hurl insults or sarcastic comments at patrons, all as part of the experience. In fact, its website says to expect “Great Burgers & Rude Service”. Go figure.

But that’s not to say you can’t push back, if you think you can out-Karen them with your own sass. There are house rules though, so that means no racism or sexism, whether by the staff or customers. Homophobic, body image, ableist, and similar discriminatory comments are also not allowed, as well as physical contact and sexual remarks.

Think you can take the heat? The latest news is that Karen’s Diner will be coming to Singapore soon with a pop-up.

Fair warning — it’s probably not for the sensitive types. As for kids, Karen’s Diner’s policy states that all children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, which suggests that children are welcome (but at your own discretion).

Despite the ordeal — we mean experience, the food’s apparently pretty good. The menu comprises an array of burger options, from the I Want To See A Manager burger with two wagyu beef patties to the Tradie Karen Breakfast Burger. Other choices include Karen’s Chicken Bingo Wings, Karen’s Hotdogs, and sides like onion wings, fries, and buttermilk chicken tenders.

There are also thick creamy shakes as well as interesting cocktails like Karen’s Fiery Apple Pie, the alcoholic 90s Karen coke float, the Parisian Karen with lychee liqueur and rose syrup, and more.

As of now, however, it’s not known what the Singapore pop-up will offer. A launch date is also yet to be confirmed, but it is slated to run till May 31, 2023.

You can make an advanced booking here, or visit Karen’s Diner’s website for more information and updates.