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Between the whirlwind of family holidays, the hunt for gifts and keeping little ones entertained, the thought of planning the perfect festive feast can loom like an unwanted guest on your already bustling to-do list. 

But what if this year, the feast came together with the charm of a fairy tale? Picture a festive spread that materialises with both elegance and ease, sparing you the time to cherish those precious moments with your loved ones and toast to the year’s successes.

Enter the culinary elves at Orange Clove. Specialising in turning year-end festivities into seamless, sumptuous affairs, the events caterer’s latest festive menus – lovingly crafted by in-house Chef William Kong and his team – will help take the stress out of planning your holiday menu. 

Opt for a gourmet platter, if you just need that one dazzling dish

Whether you’re hosting a potluck or want to wow the family with something special, consider anchoring your spread with a centrepiece dish that’s both visually and gastronomically appealing.

To that end, Orange Clove’s gourmet platters are sure to serve as both conversation starters and feasts for the senses.

Credit: Orange Clove

Choose from three distinct platters served in convenient, easy-to-serve boxes: 

  • For meat lovers, the Lush Grill medley (above, left) features a Holiday Sausage Platter, Furikake-crusted Whole Salmon Fillet paired with Rich Matcha Creme, and a succulent Classic Roast Grain-fed Beef Tenderloin accompanied by an array of Festive Vegetables. At $318 (serves eight to 10 pax).
  • Seafood aficionados can opt for the Gifts of the Sea cold platter (above, centre), a treasure trove of delicacies such as crayfish, scallops on shell, and snapper ceviche served with zesty Thai green chilli sauce. At $188.80 (serves eight to 10 pax). 
  • There’s also the Epicurean Cheese and Charcuterie platter for cheese lovers (above, right). At $248 (serves eight to 10 pax).

Wish to indulge your loved ones further? There’s the Christmas Wreath Splendour – a 28-inch platter that’s both beautiful and delicious, brimming with an array of premium cheeses, meats and fruits (below).

Credit: Orange Clove

Build your own menu, from classic turkey and ham to more unique offerings

Tailor a feast that caters to the diverse tastes and requirements of your guests, both young and old. 

Orange Clove’s Festive Indulgence menu lets you DIY your feast by choosing from a curation of 18 dishes. These include traditional festive delights such as Classic Roasted Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing served with roasted veggies, chestnut stuffing, cranberry jelly and turkey jus, at $168.80; Honey Baked Chicken Ham paired with spiced raisin mustard sauce, at $46.80; and Garlic Rosemary Rotisserie Chicken, served with roasted veggies and chicken jus, at $53.80. 

Credit: Orange Clove

Switch things up with exotic dishes such as Creamy Laksa Seafood Boil, which features a deluxe assortment of crayfish, prawns, mussels, sausages, potatoes and corn in a coconut broth, at $78.80 (serves eight to 10 pax); or the Carnival Chicken Shepherd’s Pie which is topped with purple sweet potato, at $46.80. 

Dessert highlights for the whole family include sweet treats such as the new 9-inch Mrs Claus’ Secret Recipe Lemon Tart, at $108.80; Winter Enchantment Yuzu Berries Log Cake, at $98.80 (950g); and a platoon of Gingerbread Boy Cookies, at $4.50 per piece. 

Curated mini buffets are the ultimate timesaver

For the woman juggling the holiday cheer with a calendar that’s as packed as Santa’s sleigh,  consider fuss-free mini buffet spreads that are ideal for larger gatherings.

Santa’s Mini Soiree by Orange Clove offers the full gourmet experience in mini buffet style, where each dish is packed in microwavable containers and warmer bags that make setup and takedown as easy as a Christmas jingle.

For a minimum of 15 guests, the Yuletide Splendour menu (below) offers a centrepiece choice of Roast Grain-fed Beef Tenderloin drizzled with Chestnut Au Jus or an Orange Roasted Turkey Breast accompanied by a tangy Redcurrant and Apple Sauce, and there’s a touch of Asian flavour with Baked Fillets of Salmon in Creamy Aged Pu-erh. At $32.99 per guest.

Credit: Orange Clove

For 20 guests or more, the St Nick’s Gift menu (below) brings together flavours such as the Truffle Chicken Chasseur with Couscous Puff, Furikake Duo Potatoes with Smoked Cheddar Cheese Dip, and Zucchini Fried Rice with Chipolata Sausages. At $26.99 per guest.

Credit: Orange Clove

Don’t shy away from bold, new flavours

The holidays may be a time for tradition, but why not shake things up by incorporating a few novel dishes alongside the classics to keep your guests intrigued and their palates delighted?

Credit: Orange Clove

Two new dishes to hone in on include a new spaghetti dish seasoned with fresh prawns and loaded with velvety and eye-catching purple taro cream (above, left); and a charcoal fried chicken dish which features crisp-outside, tender-inside chicken served with a tangy dragon fruit dip (above, right) – both available in the Yuletide Splendour menu. 

Ready to turn your festive dreams into reality? Learn more about Orange Clove’s early bird specials and start planning your enchanting feast here.

Menus are available for delivery from Nov 15, 2023, till Jan 7, 2024. 

Prices quoted above are before GST charge. 

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