If you’ve been relying on the convenience of food delivery services like Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and GrabFood since the start of Covid-19, here’s the good news: we have compiled a list of promo codes that lets you save a few bucks on your meals. Psst… just sure to share this article with your friends and coworkers.

Deliveroo promo codes Singapore 

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Here are the current promo codes for Deliveroo Singapore. There used to be way more, but Deliveroo has apparently gotten enough traction to cut down on the promo codes and yet still get orders.

Currently, only Citibank, HSBC and UOB have promo codes for new and existing users. Standard Chartered has returned with one promo code which is available until end September, so that’s not too bad.

Also, if you order food delivery often enough, you can consider signing up for Deliveroo Plus at $14.90/month. It gives you unlimited free deliveries, which could come in handy, especially during this circuit breaker period.

Delivery fees are usually between $3 to $5. That means you only need to make three to five orders to make it worthwhile. Do note, however, that you may need to consolidate a few orders to hit the Deliveroo minimum order of $12, or else you’ll be charged the difference as a “small order fee”.

Foodpanda promo codes Singapore 

Foodpanda is presently the most competitive food delivery player in Singapore, at least when it comes to promo codes.

Credit card promo codes

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General promo codes and deals

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Foodpanda is getting more generous with their promo codes and it seems like they want to promote their shops and Pandamart, services that are pretty useful when you want to order something quickly.

The minimum spending to qualify for a discount is something that can be easily hit  for instance, you can order two portions for dinner and keep one for lunch the next day. 

Foodpanda has launched a couple of National Day deals for a limited period so it’s a good time to take advantage of them.

If you’re not a particularly loyal customer, it’s definitely worth it to do a bit of price comparison for the more popular restaurants that are on two or more delivery platforms.

If you want to save on your meal, Foodpanda also has a free delivery filter. Note that free delivery is usually only available if you hit a minimum order e.g. $12 or $15.

Alternatively, check out Foodpanda’s Panda Pro subscription plans. They’re actually very affordable – the plans start at $3.99 for five free deliveries per month.

GrabFood promo codes Singapore

Compared to Foodpanda and Deliveroo, GrabFood’s credit card tie-ups are quite disappointing. Currently, only Citibank and HSBC cardholders have perks.

They recently partnered Lendlease and Far East Malls to offer a $5 discount for Grab merchants in these malls though. So you can order Haidilao from the 313@somerset outlet as opposed to another outlet. You still have to pay for delivery based on distance so the discount may not be that worth it.

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So far the Grab promo codes for Lendlease malls are still ongoing and this is the last month to use them. There’s also one promo code for National Day that runs till 7 Sep, so that’s not too shabby.

Additionally, GrabFood frequently has in-app promotions and campaigns (usually seasonal, like for Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day). The promotion mechanics are also quite varied, ranging from direct discounts, bundled set meals and free delivery promos.

Here are some examples:

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Most of these discounts require quite a high minimum spend and/or are bundles for two or more people. That makes it a little inconvenient, but if you can fulfil the criteria, the discounts are not bad. Plus, GrabFood’s off-peak delivery fees start from as low as $2+, which is one of the lowest in town. 

Conclusion: Which food delivery service is the cheapest?

Lots of restaurants are on all three food delivery platforms, so at this point, it’s no longer a matter of choice. 

To compare the prices, we did an experiment ordering bubble tea on all three platforms. For this, our poison of choice was the Woobbee Milk Tea (medium).

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The last time we tried this (in Feb 2020), it was the cheapest on GrabFood, because there was no minimum order, and it happened to be off-peak so I scored a low delivery fee ($2.10).

However, it seems that due to the current pandemic, it’s always peak hour. Also, certain restaurants started implementing a small order fee… And boy did that add up. Long story short – when we replicated this experiment (in Apr 2020), GrabFood became the most expensive option.

For Foodpanda, there was no change in prices (from Feb to Apr). we had to top up $1.70 to reach the $5 minimum order and pay delivery fees of $3.49 (flat rate). The total bill came up to $8.49, which is we thought was ridiculous to pay for a cup of boba tea… but is now the cheapest option.

Deliveroo didn’t change their prices either. Although the delivery fee of $3 was the cheapest, there was a small order fee of $5 that jacked the prices up.

Of course, this example is biased in that we tried to order $3 bubble tea. If you meet the minimum order for them all, you’ll find that the menu prices are all comparable and all you’re really comparing are delivery fees.

Bonus: Which credit card should you charge your order to?

If you frequently order in food, it’s worthwhile to check out which credit cards can give you some rebates or miles for your meal.

You’d think that food deliveries would automatically be included under the “dining” category… but currently, only the OCBC365 card explicitly states so. With it, you can get 6% rebate on all dining expenses, including your GrabFood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda orders.

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The other popular dining cards like Citi Cashback and UOB YOLO don’t mention food deliveries, but if you want you can risk it and hope the banks recognise it as “dining”.

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Credit: Moneysmart

But not all hope is lost. The thing about ordering food online is that it can fall under the “online spending” category too. If you’re into cashback, you can consider the DBS Live Fresh Card (5% online spend).

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If you prefer miles, there’s the Citi Rewards Card that gives you 10X rewards ($1 = 4 miles) for online shopping.

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It’s wise to note that T&Cs are always subject to change, so do read up and/or call the bank before you sign up.

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