You’ve probably come across that video of “Uncle Roger” – the alter ego of comedian Nigel Ng – raging at BBC Food presenter Hersha Patel for her viral rice-washing fiasco. If you found that funny, well, Uncle Roger is back at it again, with another disastrous fried rice recipe he came across.

This time, the UK-based Malaysian comedian takes on an actual celebrity chef known the world over: Jamie Oliver. 

As someone with dozens of restaurants, cookbooks, cooking shows, and a Member of the Order of the British Empire award to boot, Oliver was fully expected to nail an egg fried rice recipe. 

It seemed to be simple enough with only five ingredients needed — and one that’s supposed to be for the “quickest, easiest and tastiest” egg fried rice, according to the video caption on Oliver’s YouTube channel. The clip originally aired on British TV network Channel 4.

Much to the chagrin of fried-rice connoisseur Uncle Roger, however, Oliver absolutely failed at whipping up a dish that lives up to Asian standards.

Some things that Uncle Roger wasn’t too chuffed about:

  • The usage of a saucepan instead of a wok
  • The extensive usage of olive oil
  • Frying sliced spring onions instead of using it as a garnish
  • Using pre-cooked rice
  • Pouring chilli jam into the rice (and taking issue with the existence of chilli jam)
  • Adding a splash of water during cooking
  • Breaking up a block of silk tofu by hand
  • The lack of MSG and garlic

Just like last time, the comedian’s video has gone viral, clocking in over two million views as of writing after it was posted on Sunday (Aug 30). It would seem that Ng has found a successful formula to continue his run of widely-shared YouTube videos — using his Uncle Roger persona to critique cooking videos. 

If history repeats itself though, we might very well see Jamie and Uncle Roger teaming up for a cooking video together. 

Text: Ilyas Sholihyn/AsiaOne