How To Know You Are Eating Good Quality Ice Cream

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Unless you are buying an old favourite, choosing an ice cream is no easy feat. How would you know what is good quality ice cream, and what is only so-so, or bad?

You are also bombarded by a whole variety of marketing and ice-cream jargons. What is slow-churned? Can I taste it? How about non-GMO? Do I want ice creams with milk from cows that grass-grazed? The list goes on.

Often, the price can be an indication of good quality ice cream, but we all have experiences where price does not make a difference.

It’s in the Air & Fat Content

How To Know You Are Eating Good Quality Ice Cream
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Some of the key elements that set premium ice-cream apart from its so-so buddies are the air content, and the ingredients like the milk-fat content, egg yolks used. With premium ice cream, you want lesser air so that the ice cream is denser and taste creamier and smoother.

One such example of premium, good quality ice cream is from the Bulla Murray St Ice Creamery range. Crafted ice cream made with fresh Australian milk, cream and free-range egg yolk, Bulla Murray St Ice Creamery ice creams have a very dense and creamy texture.

They are made with a traditional production process inherited by six generations to ensure the smooth texture and rich flavour. Also, Bulla is an Australian dairy company that started in 1910, making creams. So one can only imagine how much R&D has gone into its products for the past decades.

Ingredients Play A Part Too

How To Know You Are Eating Good Quality Ice Cream
Photo: 123RF

Other pointers of good quality ice cream are the ability to combine different ingredients that can come together to create a delicious taste. Some unique flavours from the Bulla Murray St Ice Creamery range include Vanilla Bean & Chocolate Almonds, Caramel Maple & Macadamia, and Caramelised Peanut Brittle.

The flavours are rich and unique in the markets with generous servings of premium chunky ingredients.

So in summary, when you are choosing ice creams, feel the weight of the pint in your hand, and compare the fat content of the different pints.

We can never really tell how the ice cream would taste according to its ingredients, but at least we know that we are in a creamy, smoother experience.

Text: Simone Wu