If you can’t get enough of the sweet-meets-savoury crowd-favourite concoction that is the McGriddles, you’ll be glad to know it’s making a comeback at McDonald’s.

For a limited time only, it will be available at all its outlets from March 4. And if for some reason you aren’t acquainted with McGriddles, it’s a burger of sorts comprising a sausage patty and cheese sandwiched between two syrup-soaked hotcake buns.

And previously only available in the mornings, it will now be available throughout the day so you can now get your fix all day.

The beloved Chocolate Pie ($1.50) with its oozy melty goodness is also back, alongside the Kit Kat McFlurry ($3), with vanilla soft serve and chocolate-covered wafer bits. Both were last on the menu early last year.

The Sausage McGriddles costs $4.50 while the Sausage McGriddles with Egg is at $5.40. Or if that’s not enough, go for the upsized McGriddles Stack, served with egg, two sausage patties, cheese, and turkey bacon for $6.20.