1. Remind Yourself How Good It Feels To Get Work Done

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Every single time you feel your concentration start to wane, take a break to do minute tasks instead. After your done, remind yourself of how good it feels to complete your work on time and head home for dinner with your family.

2. Remind Yourself Who or What You’re Working For

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Whether you’re saving up for the next holiday or simply wanting to get that promotion for a better work portfolio, remind yourself as to why you’re working so hard. It helps keep you grounded and aligns your mind to more important things at hand.

3. Change Your Mindset


Instead of thinking of a grueling task as being tedious and impossible, why not think about how awesome it’ll be to add it to your work portfolio once you’re done with it? The next time you’re at a work interview, you’ll shine even brighter as a viable candidate.

4. Take Breaks To Recharge

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Whether it’s a lunch break or 10 minutes of tea time, make sure you take these little moments to just recharge and breathe a little. It helps you stay motivated and focus at work so you’ll be even more productive.

5. Focus On Getting Home on Time

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Knowing that you have to do overtime at work just to complete some minute task can easily kill your motivation to go to work. Instead, make a clear and concise list of the top three things you have to do and stick to it. Smaller tasks like replying to emails that aren’t important can be done on the trip back home.