1. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself As A Parent

Be patient. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself in the beginning. Personally, as a first time mother, I immediately wanted to get myself back into shape, naturally. The first month, I tried my first Pilates class, and I was like, “Whoa, my body is not meant to do this right now,” so I just chilled for like three months.

Then, after three months, that’s when I started to work out intensely. I know it’s natural for you to want to lose all the weight and get back into shape, but be patient with it. There are just so many more things to worry about now, so don’t worry about the weight too—it’ll just naturally come off.

2. Take Care Of Your Skin

An important piece of advice is to take care of your skin on the plane. I fly so much and I think the worst thing is not taking care of your skin on the plane. It dehydrates your skin so much and it ages you so much that if you don’t take care of it, eventually it’s going to show. My mum taught me that, because she used to fly a lot.

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3. Take Care Of Yourself

The best beauty advice I’ve ever been given is: Never sleep with your makeup on. My grandma taught me that! My grandma is very into beauty—I don’t want to say that she’s vain, but she’s borderline there! She’s almost 90 years old and she still goes to spas and facials, and takes care of her skin every night. But that’s where I learned to really take care of myself.

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4. Always Travel With Good Skincare

On the plane for the most part I carry around oils—the people who follow me on Snapchat know this! I look so ridiculous on the plane because I look like I’m dripping in oil. Your skin just like eats up the oil so fast on the plane, so it just looks like dewy skin when you wake up. So I would say, never, ever travel without oil. That’s my number one thing.

Another thing that I travel with is a sleeping mask, especially for long flights. I think sleeping masks are more hydrating than moisturisers because they’re heavier and are a godsend on the plane.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

I drink tons of water on the plane, and my favourite draining tea from Caudalie. It is kind of a detox tea; It flushes out and cleanses all the water weight and really helps me cleanse my system.

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Text: Pakkee Tan/Harper’s Bazaar Singapore