1. Never Take Things Personally
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We all know how our emotions can often blind our judgment so when you start to take an argument personally, be prepared to accept the consequences when you choose to act on it.

2. Always Realign Yourself With Your Goals and Beliefs

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If you’ve heard someone gossip about you or if you’re being made to make a tough decision at work, always keep in mind your goals and beliefs instead of thinking about the petty gossip.

3. Distance Yourself From The Drama

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When a colleague is purposely trying to get you to join in on the drama, it’s best to stay away instead of getting involved. Remember not to take sides as well and remain neutral.

4. Pick Your Battles

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Whenever a conflict arises, it’s human nature to choose to fight or take flight. Fighting however, usually makes us look stubborn and difficult while taking flight can make it seem like you’re a pushover.

Instead of deciding between the two, why not compromise? Seek to understand what is required of you and decide on your next move.

5. Change Your Mindset

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In every argument you get into, it’s natural for us to think, there will only be one winner and one loser. While there’s nothing wrong with thinking that way, the usual outcome of a situation like that yields nothing good.

So, instead, try to alter the way you think and think about how both you and the other party can benefit from this argument or discussion. Work towards compromising with each other.