1. Write Everything Down

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And we mean everything. From reminders to your daily tasks, gives you focus and allows you to visually see what you’re supposed to do. You’ll also feel a huge sense of satisfaction when you check things off your list!

2. Keep You Work Space Neat

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Having a clear and streamlined work place will ensure that you’re not easily distracted. You’ll also be able to focus more on the task at hand rather than worry about the probablility of the stack of files toppling over right next to you.

3. Prioritise 

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Every morning, list the top three (up to five) things you absolutely have to do today. Work towards completing these tasks to feel satisfied at the end of the day.

4. Stay Focused

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Instead of multi-tasking so much, why not put all your energy into completing a task correctly and doing it just once, you’ll realise that you’ll feel less overwhelmed and be able to complete your work faster.

5. Keep You Goals In Mind

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If your goal is to be able to get home on time to have dinner with your loved ones, use that as motivation to power yourself through the day.