1. Showing Up Late All The Time 

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Tardiness is always frowned upon, wherever you go. It shows a lack of responsibility. If your boss can’t trust you to turn up for work on time, how is she going to send you out to meet clients, knowing you’d probably make them wait an hour?

2. Airing Dirty Laundry 

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No one wants to know about your sex life or how much you hate your mother-in-law. All right, your friends probably do, but it’s definitely not an office desk top – or pantry table for that matter.


3. Talking Badly About Your Colleagues

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Yes, we’re all guilty of this, but bear in mind that this could affect your promotion, especially if word gets around that you’ve been spreading rumours or establishing a bad rep for someone. More importantly, don’t gossip about your boss.

4. You Present More Problems Than Solutions

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“I can’t do this.” “Bo pian.” “Cannot lah.” In case didn’t get the memo, your boss hates hearing these words. Present solutions, not problems. Don’t tell her what she already knows.

5. You Cut Corners

Slipshod work is not forgivable. You’re paid to do your job, not take an easy way out.

6. You Take More MCs

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Medical leave is an entitlement, but would you enjoy working with a colleague who is on MC half the time, and conveniently during the peak period? Your boss wouldn’t appreciate it too.

7. You Try Cover Up Mistakes You’ve Made 

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Own up to your mistakes. Never try to bury them because they’ll come back to bite you in the rear. And don’t push the blame onto others. You might say people in power do that all the time (the minions get the blame), but here’s a piece of advice: suck it up.

Text: Hidayah Idris/ Cleo Singapore Additional Reporting: Atika Lim 

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