1. Ask For A Change 


It might involve a new project or task, a different area or a new team. This way, you would not run the risk of losing your income.

2. Get Help

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If you have too much work and not enough time to complete it even though you are working nights and weekends, you can approach your superior to renegotiate your workload, says Mr David Leong, the managing director of human resources firm People Worldwide Consulting.

3. Take A Sabbatical 

10 Mothering Secrets To Calmer Days During The Holidays

Start an exciting or a fun project. This could fire up your enthusiasm for work in general. Do not think of a sabbatical as a beach vacation where you just sit around and do nothing. Take a course, or do volunteer work or something you have always wanted to do.

‘For those who have worked too long and too hard, and are at a personal and professional crossroads, the best way to get fired up again is to stop and breathe. Once you’re ready, move out of your burnout and jump back in with a new passion,’ says Mr Leong.

4. Go For Short Breaks

10 Mothering Secrets To Calmer Days During The Holidays

‘Most burnouts are temporary. Adequate rest and time off from the activities that led to the burnout typically do the trick,’ says executive coach Paul Heng.

‘People have varying levels of ability to bounce back from a burnout. For me, all it takes is a couple of days away from Singapore, doing nothing much except eat and rest.’

5. Go For A Retreat

How To Switch Off From Work On Holiday

Ms Crystal Lim Leahy and her husband Mark nearly split up a few years ago because he was burned out from work. They saved their marriage by quitting their jobs and leaving their cushy life here to live in rural Australia.

When things got rough, Ms Leahy and her husband attended a therapy retreat that put them through a programme called the Hoffman Process. It changed their lives and spurred their move to Australia, where she decided to start her own retreat business for senior executives called Legacy Process.

‘Everyone seemed to be burned out and looking for direction,’ she says. ‘Not one person we knew in our social circle was truly happy despite the bonuses and luxurious lifestyles.’

She says she wants to use holistic therapy – combining physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approaches based on principles of psychotherapy, meditation and financial resource management – to help people discover how to put passion and purpose back into their lives.

She also wants to help them move towards a more meaningful work-life balance. ‘Although many bankers know they want to leave the field after a certain period, it’s scary for them to take the first step,’ she says.

6. Give Yourself To Unwind Each Day

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Beat burn out from affecting you by taking some alone time each day to do something you love. It’ll help you relax each day and everytime you’re feeling stressed, you’d be happy to know that there’s something you can look forward to doing at the end of the day.

It can be anything like taking a long bath or just playing with your pets too!

7. Quit Your Job If You Must 


Many times, people tend to think of their job as an extension of them when in actuality, a job is just a job. So if your job seems to be affecting you, your relationships with your family members and loved ones, quitting and taking a long break to re-evaluate your life could help.