1. You’re A Crowdpleaser 

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Why It’s Bad: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to please your coworkers and boss but, you shouldn’t take it too far. If you work with different departments and each of them wants different things concerning a particular project, don’t say yes to everyone (because that would make getting the job done impossible). Take a stand a stick with it; that’s what professional people do.

2.  You Air Dirty Laundry At Work 

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Why It’s Bad: Answering personal phone calls at work once in a while is perfectly fine but doing so every day for extended periods of time can be disruptive to others at work. What’s worse is if you start gossiping and airing dirty laundry about your personal life on the phone.

3. Clocking In Late

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Why It’s Bad: It just doesn’t make you look good and shows your lack of responsibility.


4. Swearing

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Why It’s Bad: No matter how tempting (or how many times you’ve heard your boss do it), do not drop the f bomb.

5. Flirting With Co-Workers

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Why It’s Bad: Flirting at work is frowned upon for a reason so make sure you keep yourself in check.

6. You’re Disorganised 

messy room energyWhy It’s Bad: Whether it’s a messy table or taking forever to reply simple emails, it just shows how disorganised you are and how you’re unable to manage yourself.

7. You Dress Inappropriately

Bad Office Habits That Prevent You From Getting Promoted_5Why It’s Bad: Dressing inappropriately might show lack of effort and that’s not a good image to uphold.

Text: Balvinder Sandhu/HerWorld Plus

Additional Reporting: Atika Lim