After all the tears and hard work, you’re finally working for a global brand that you’ve always admired and in New York no less, the most enviable city in the world. To everyone else, you’re living the dream and they would be right to assume that you love your job, so why leave to hop across the other side of the planet? This is the position Tania Getzova found herself in when she was working as General Manager of the award-winning Hotel Indigo Lower East Side New York.

Tania Getzova, General Manager, InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay

While we can almost feel your ears pricking up at the mention of that vibrant and constantly evolving neighbourhood, Tania says the decision to leave it all behind for a chance to join InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay in sunny Singapore was written in the stars.

“My coming here happened by a miracle and I’m very grateful to the universe that the stars aligned for me somehow and I was approached for this opportunity. Of course, after 20 years of living in Manhattan, I had to ask myself if this was the right time to leave my family, my close circle of friends, my good quality of life and my good habits behind but the timing will never be perfect and you will never be fully prepared,” says Tania, who is originally from Bulgaria.

“Sometimes when you’re about to make a leap of faith you just have to follow your instincts and keep an open mind. Everybody was shocked when I told them I was coming to live in Singapore but I felt such a good vibe when I came to this city despite being here for only 72 hours for my interview. When the universe throws something good your way, follow it.”

And she’s been doing just that since taking on her new role last August. While Tania has been a hotelier for the better part of two decades, she still faces challenges along the way. Ahead, she shares how she overcomes her setbacks in the office and how to navigate your way to the top of your game:

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Tania says having a post-work ritual is important because many of us struggle to find the right balance between our careers and everything else. Here, she shares her tips on how to unwind after a stressful day at the office: