My ex-boss was a real jerk. I worked for my previous company for almost eight years, and he was my third boss in that company. Let’s call him D.

D was always lazing in the office. If the managing director (his boss) came for a spot check, I would have to look for D, tell him that his boss is looking for him, and remind him to wear his tie. He didn’t respect my time. There were many times where he would request for a report at 6pm with the following morning for the deadline. When that happens, I will have no choice but to work into the night, [taking time away from my family], until I had completed the work.

As a supervisor and colleague, he was very selfish. When our clients sent him gifts such as bottles of wines, abalone and bird’s nest during the festive season, he would bring home everything.

D didn’t respect his wife, too. He likes pretty and sexy women. How did I know that? Well, D would always show me sleazy pictures, even though I had expressed my disinterest. Some of my peers would butter him and pretend to enjoy the photos he shared. D also had his credit card statements sent to the office so that his wife wouldn’t know about his spending sprees, and he would pass his purchases to me to hide in the company storeroom. I was very annoyed that he lied to his wife, and about hiding his shopping for him, especially when I know his wife as she’s an ex-colleague.

Worse, D was always eyeing our company receptionist, who was married and had two kids. I felt that he was infatuated with her. And I was right.

Out of the blue, D decided I was unfit for the role.

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He replaced me with that receptionist and transferred me to another department. In his defence, he said that the receptionist has 20 years of administrative skills. I was shocked and furious. I worked for seven years, and suddenly, I was unfit for the role. I have years of experience, too, and my performance review has always been excellent until D became my boss.

I had no choice but to agree to the new responsibility and even guided the 20-years-of-experience receptionist to take over the role. It was then that I decided to look for another job, but I couldn’t just leave my job because the bonus period was just around the corner.

In my new role, my new boss was my peer who turned out to be fake and pretentious. She didn’t give me any real work but only simple data entry. I was very hurt.

The 20-years-of-experience receptionist turned out to be a nasty person who abused her position. She used the company driver as her personal chauffeur. She didn’t process medical or leave claims promptly, and the staff didn’t get their reimbursement back for months. Having a soft spot for my ex-department, I had even gone back to help out.

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When I resigned, D was angry. I met up with my ex-colleagues and they told me they missed me. I heard they needed 10 people to do what I was doing under D.

Today, I am working in another company where I am the personal assistant to one of the big bosses. On one particular day, I bumped into D at my company’s function. He and the whole management team were shocked to see me [in my role]. When I went to look for my ex-colleagues, D actually opened the door for me. I just thanked him.

I’m fortunate to have found my new job, and I have also learned to cherish my family more than work. I am just thankful I no longer have to sell myself to that company.