GWOT 2016 Winnie Chan portrait
Winnie Chan, in her 40s, Founder and CEO, Bynd Artisan

“In business, you have to accept that change is the only constant, and that any technological improvement or innovation is accompanied by change,” says Winnie, who embraces the use of social media and online sales portals to drive the marketing of Bynd Artisan. Here, she shares the lessons she learnt from an article she read about Uniqlo’s CEO, Mr Tadashi Yanai:

“Mr Tadashi had a framed poster on the corridor to his office – it stated ‘Change or Die’. He’d inherited his parents’ menswear stores in a small mining town, and had taken over the business during troubled times. My key takeaways from that article are:

– Everything in this world is over-supplied, be it TV, clothes, mobile phones or note books. Clothing is also a very crowded space, dominated by retail giants such as H&M and Gap.

– No business is less competitive or easier to do.

– The key difference lies in how we differentiate ourselves. In Uniqlo’s case, they’ve differentiated themselves by using technology to be more innovative with the materials they use. Shoppers are drawn by Uniqlo’s brands reputation for innovative textile technology, such as designing a down coat that’s thick enough to keep its wearer warm, yet think enough to be scrunched into a bag.”

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