GWOT 2016 Yvon Bock profile
Yvon Bock, 36, Founder and Managing Director, Hegen

“As leaders, we’re often required to make tough decisions when it comes to managing the business,” says Yvon. “Women normally represent a softer side – which can sometimes lead others to perceive us as being weak. But over the years, I’ve learnt how to apply the ‘gentle approach towards conquering strength’. I apply it to conflict management between customers, vendors and even internal office staff. This has proven invaluable in solving problems while still keeping a good relationship between all parties involved.” Here are Yvon’s top tips for women to excel in management positions:

1) Learn to let go and trust the people you work with. Stop being a perfectionist!

2) Listen, listen and then listen again before attempting to propose a solution.

3) There is a big difference between being passionate about what you do, and being emotional doing it.

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