Josephine Tan

Every year, The Singapore Women’s Weekly gives prominence to 18 distinguished and powerful women who are successful in their own right as part of the Great Women Of Our Time awards. Meet 2020’s Sports, Health & Wellness Nominee, Josephine Tan, Marketing Director at Doctor Anywhere.


Meet Josephine Tan – Great Women Of Our Time 2020 Sports, Health & Wellness Nominee

Having spent years in the field of marketing, Josephine continued on to become the Marketing Director at Doctor Anywhere, a health tech company founded to improve healthcare delivery through innovation and technology. With years of experience in the retail sector under her belt, she took a break and came to the realisation that if she were to go back into the commercial world it would have to be an opportunity where she could challenge herself more and do something different.

“I knew that if I were to restart and go back into the commercial world, I wanted to do something different from what I was used to. When I first heard of Doctor Anywhere, I thought that this is something really never done before. The innovation behind it and how it is changing behaviour and helping people to improve their lives. I really felt connected with the intention to deliver healthcare in a better manner.”

Having spent years in the field of marketing, Josephine continued on to work in a health tech company founded to improve healthcare delivery through innovation and technology.

“Healthcare can be so expensive and for those who are restricted by movement or other reasons, it might not be as accessible as we think it actually is. And when I thought of that I thought of my dad, so I could relate to that. So I decided to give it a try.” 

Driven by purpose and determination, Josephine took on the role and helped build the brand from a three-member team to a homegrown company within two years. “We are currently expanding out of Singapore, specifically in Vietnam and Thailand, and I’m hoping to bring healthcare closer to everyone out there. Especially in developing countries where healthcare is almost non-existent. So as a healthcare brand, we wanted to reach out to more people and that is when my role comes into play.”

For what many view as a noble and valiant mission, Josephine perceives it as a form of necessity and equality. She believes that healthcare should be a fundamental service for everyone, and she recalls what it was like to move this mission to Vietnam.

Josephine’s previous experiences were in the retail sector but she wanted to challenge herself and do something different and more meaningful.

“When I was with the local team in Vietnam, we were conveying the same messages to people in the provinces where they don’t have clinics and maybe just some pharmacies. But they wouldn’t be sure if the treatment or medication is correct. So we reached out to this group in that particular province to let them know that the doctor is coming to you in a virtual format and they were confused.”

Josephine holds a great deal of pride in her work and the greater intention behind the company. “Even though in Vietnam and their province area, they have mobile phones, smartphones, and even laptops, this form of service was new to them. So I told them that on this day and this time turns it on and this doctor who is taking care of hygiene will be there. So at that time, everyone just tunes in and it is a live broadcast on Facebook. Almost everyone in the world has Facebook, so it is quite easy for us to communicate in that medium. We had to think about offering this service to them in the most simple format possible. Through mediums like Facebook and Instagram where they already have the apps downloaded, the doctors can expand on their concept of virtual consultations. It was so fulfilling to see how amazed the kids were, and to know how our efforts could be life-changing.”

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