GWOT 2016 Lim Shujuan
Lim Shujuan, 33, Curator, National Gallery Singapore

After a $532m decade-long restoration, the National Gallery Singapore finally opened its doors to the public last November. And behind the massive transformation of Singapore’s former Supreme Court and City Hall, stands a committed team of industry experts, including Shujuan, a dedicated building history curator who was on-site every two weeks during restoration works, to document and oversee the process. Shujuan was also the project editor of The Making of National Gallery Singapore, a 168-page hardcover that documents the history and transition of the two national monuments.

“Growing up, my mum was my role model…
My dad, who was the sole breadwinner, had a stroke when I was still in university. Times were hard, and my dad wasn’t the easiest person to take care of, but my mother stoically took it all in her stride.”

“I often walked the Gallery grounds alone…
I had to document the transformation process as I uncovered the stories behind (such as the existence of a secret passageway between the holding cells and the courtroom that was traversed only by guards and prisoners). Most people know little of the history behind these buildings because they were not accessible to the general public.”

“This is the ‘People’s Gallery’…
I hope that visitors from near and far will come to learn more about Singapore’s history through these buildings. The National Gallery Singapore is a must-visit for all art enthusiasts and history buffs.”

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