GWOT 2016 Chrissy Goh
Chrissy Goh-Tasker, 49, Founder and CEO,

This enterprising mother-of-three dived into e-commerce in 2003, a business she started in a spare bedroom in her home. Today, is the leading online platform that acts as both retailer and wholesaler for leading sports brands such as Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Asics, New Balance, Nike and Converse worldwide. More recently, Chrissy has diversified into the business of recycling. Nephews & Nieces imports beautiful vintage furniture from the UK; while The Gon Company has developed a Domestic Crushing Machine that flattens recyclable cans and bottles. Chrissy is currently in talks with the National Environmental Agency to explore the potential of implementing her machine nationwide, and encourage better recycling habits in Singapore.

“I’m resourceful, hardworking and grateful for whatever I have…
I was born into a poor but loving family with 18 kids. Some of my siblings were adopted by other families as my parents couldn’t afford to raise us all. I had only one “Chinese New Year dress”, I wore it for four years, till it was too short and too small to fit. My dad passed away when I was 15. I started working at odd jobs very early on, but I am thankful for my childhood as it has shaped who I am today.”

“I believe in empowering others…
My first employees were PWDs (People With Disabilities). Till today, they are still with me. Over the yers, I’ve employed many PWDs and ex-convicts – all my staff are treated fairly with equal opportunities.”

“I’ve always cleared my own paths…
I’ve often been passed over and bullied because I’m a woman. But I try not to be disheartened. I believe in showing integrity when I do business – in the end, I know I’ll have the last laugh.”

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