GWOT 2016 Dr Sheila Vasoo
Dr Sheila Vasoo, 46, Senior Consultant and Rheumatologist, Mt Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre

Dr Sheila’s passion for Reproductive Immunology began in 2004, during her subspecialty training in “Sticky Blood Syndrome”, where she worked with Professor Graham Hughes at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. Upon her return, she pioneered the Pregnancy Loss Program at the National University Hospital with Professor Mahesh Choolani – the first in Singapore to offer immunotherapy to women with immune-related recurrent miscarriages. In 2012, she was awarded the John Gusdon New Investigator Award at the joint American and European Society of Reproductive Immunology Annual Scientific Meeting for her work and research, and the findings were published in highly regarded medical journal, Placenta.

“The irony of life…
I was struck with thrombocytopenia, while carrying my third child. I had to undergo all the tests and therapies that I subjected my patients to – that gave me a new empathy for my patients, and their struggles with fear and the unknown.”

“I liken my job to being a detective…
I work closely with couples with recurrent miscarriages and repeated implantation failure to find out the causes for the miscarriages and come up with a battle plan for the next pregnancy.”

“Serendipity and life events led me here…
My own sister suffered a pregnancy loss and that really hit home. Our clinical service at NUH had just started and my sister became my patient. That experience affirmed my pursuit to help couples struggling against pregnancy failure.”

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