GWOT 2016 Yvon Bock
Yvon Bock, 36, Founder and Managing Director, Hegen

From the mental and physical fatigue, to the struggles that mothers face when trying to keep up with breastfeeding after returning to work, Yvon’s been through it all. The mother-of-four drew on her own breastfeeding experience to create a revolutionary line of baby bottles, which are designed to simplify and enhance the nursing process. Born after almost five years of intensive research and development, the stackable bottles come with innovative features such as a patented no-screw-thread closure, twist-to-open bottle design, and interchangeable feeding and storage bottle lids. To make things easier, the unique square-shaped bottle can be closed with one hand. In 2014, the enterprising mumpreneur showcased Hegen bottles at Kind & Jugend, the largest baby products trade show in Germany. The first-of-its-kind bottle created such a stir, creating interest with importers in Europe and the US, as the bottles offered a feeding solution that allowed mothers to express-store-feed with a single container. In Hegen’s case, the adage “mother knows best” rings so true!

I want to make things easier for parents…
Hegen was founded with the aim of designing meaningful products that advocate breastfeeding and enhance the breastfeeding journey for parents.”

“My vision has always been about making a difference…
If my products can somehow help breastfeeding mothers in their journey and increase the percentage of breastfeeding mothers and duration, this would be the greatest achievement I could possibly contribute to our future generations.”

There’s no point crying over spilt milk…
Just before we were about to go into proto-typing Hegen bottles, we found out that our idea had slipped out into the market. Our initial designs became obsolete overnight! We were mentally demoralised and drained, but decided to relook at our design ethos – and came back stronger.”

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