GWOT 2016 Esther Wang portrait
Esther Wang, 28, Founder and CEO, Joytingle

“I am fortunate to have the right introduction to mentors,” Esther shares. “They are the giants who allow me to stand on their shoulders so I can see further.” Here’s her guide to finding good mentors who can help you:

1) “Mentors can potentially be found everywhere if you know how to identify them – you could meet a mentor through an introduction, at your workplace, or at events. But not everyone can be a good mentor so choose carefully, he or she should be someone whose work and values you admire.”

2) “Mentorship is an organic process. There must be chemistry and alignment in values. More importantly, you must test the value of their words. It’s good to have common ground for interaction over a period of time. This will help you and your mentor to assess if your values align.”

3) “Chemistry is important – you must enjoy conversations with each other! Ask yourself if this is someone with whom you can share your woes and fears.  My mentors gave me the confidence to navigate difficult or unforeseen terrains. Because when things are beyond me, I could turn to their wisdom for help.”

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