GWOT 2016 Fion Phua portrait
Fion Phua, 46, Founder, Keeping Hope Alive

We’ve heard of the adage that kindness begins at home, and parents are the best role models to raise kids with character. In Fion’s case, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The doting mother-of-one shares a personal anecdote, in the hopes that her example may inspire others to do the same:

“My seven-year-old daughter practises this on a daily basis: Every time we take a lift, she is the last one in, and the last one out. As soon as she grew tall enough to reach the lift button, I started teaching her how to press and hold the lift doors open for others to enter before her, and then, to hold the lift doors open again for everyone else to exit the lift before her. Each time she does this, fellow lift passengers will smile and thank her graciously.

“It might not sound like much – but if a little child like her can set a good example and spread kindness, imagine the ripple effect that such a simple act can create! Children emulate their parents’ behaviours, and can easily learn values such as compassion, courage, responsibility and respect, from a young age.

“Good character-building will guild them towards leading purposeful lives as they grow up, and learn to give back to society.”

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