1. Think Like A Boss


Even if you’re not running your own business, you are helping to run someone else’s. When you own your work and take responsibility for what you do, it shows that you have the potential to be a leader.

2. Be Curious

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Like an entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to ask questions, seek feedback and explore ideas. Besides showing that you’re receptive to critique, it helps you better understand how things work so you can consider ways to improve a situation.

3. Stay Positive

woman keeps energy up all day
Need an energy boost after lunch? Think of something that makes you feel glad you’re alive.

Instead of letting a pessimistic mindset beat you down, remember why you love your job, and use that as a source of motivation to push on during setbacks and times of stress.

4. Have A Goal in Mind

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Understand what you want to achieve, and pen down specific steps on how to achieve it. Entrepreneurs stay focused and productive at work by referring to this list constantly.

5. Stay Grounded

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No one likes an arrogant knowit-all. Know when to be humble and admit that you do not have all the answers. After all, if your colleagues can’t stand working with you, it’s unlikely that they will root for you when you become their superior.

Text: Leen Xin Hui/Her World

Additional Reporting: Atika Lim