1. Re-think Your Career Path

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If you feel like you’ve moved beyond your learning curve, try setting new work goals. “Chart out a new career path for yourself for the next one or two years, within the same department or company. The more you have to work towards, the more motivated and excited you will feel in your job,” says Alka Chandiramani, a global mobility specialist and career coach at Alvo Connexions.

Moving up the ranks within your company may not be possible, especially if you’re already in a senior position. If that’s the case, Alka suggests setting goals that can help you move laterally.

“Talk to your boss about transferring to a different department if there are other aspects of the industry you are interested in. You’d have different responsibilities and challenges, and be on a whole new learning curve. These changes will help drive you and get you excited about the job again.”

2. Take On New Responsibilities 

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Once you’ve become an expert in a specific area, your job may no longer feel challenging. Paul suggests asking your boss for extra responsibilities, perhaps trading in some of your current duties for new ones, or adding on new duties. This allows you to pick up new skills and knowledge, which may reignite your passion for the job.

3. Shake Things Up


If you’re not keen on setting new career goals, making a lateral move or accepting a new set of responsibilities, find ways to change how you perform your current duties. “Compile a list of your main responsibilities and how you are carrying them out,” says Paul Heng, founder and managing director of Next Corporate Coaching Services.

“Then, think of ways to enhance or even change how you do them.” For example, instead of relying on the same old methods of bringing in sales revenue, explore alternative strategies. “Perhaps you’ve always achieved your sales targets by speaking with clients over the phone or doing presentations at their office. Switch things up by making these meetings more fun or more personal,” Paul explains.

“Turn your next sales presentation into a more chilled-out affair and bring in speakers who can help make the presentation more interesting. There are so many ways to approach the task. And you might even bring in more revenue. More importantly, your job will start to be more enjoyable as it feels new again,” he adds.

4. Become A Mentor 

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Sharing your knowledge and expertise is another way, says Alka. Speak to your boss about starting a training programme, or if your company already has such a programme, volunteer to be a trainer or presenter. Or mentor the junior staff in your department.

“By helping the younger or less experienced staff with their duties, offering advice and motivating them with their career goals, you will gain a new appreciation for what you do and feel more fulfilled in your role,” Alka says.

Text: Sasha Gonzalez/Simply Her

Additional Reporting: Atika Lim