Eco-fashion entrepreneurs and yoga enthusiasts, Eliza Inoue (left), 31, and Wuen Lin Tan, 42, founded multi-label eco store Touch The Toes.

When Eliza quit her job as a graphic designer in an advertising firm five years ago, she had become weary of promoting products she didn’t believe in.

Together with Wuen and another co-founder, Kelly Hotta-Moung, they set up Touch The Toes, a multi-label store along Haji Lane retailing sustainable fashion and yoga items.

“Touch The Toes was born out of an exhilarating 30-day yoga fund-raising challenge, where our teacher inspired us towards ‘seva’, or service for the betterment of society,” says Wuen, “Coupled with a personal green outlook on life, our little vanity project took off!”

“Living an eco-conscious lifestyle starts with being less attached to stuff”

“We aim to make sustainable products fun, quirky, informative and more accessible at the same time,” Eliza says. “Living an eco-conscious lifestyle starts with being less attached to stuff and creating less trash by taking pleasure in owning less and being ultra-mindful when you make every purchase.”

The pair hopes to save the world one piece of clothing at a time by inspiring others to lead more eco-conscious lifestyles and look good while doing it!

Going Back To The Roots

Their store carries only environmentally-friendly brands they’ve carefully selected from Asia to the US and Europe, ranging from organic cotton clothes to yoga mats made out of recycled plastic bottles. “We try to balance four factors in a product: They’ve got to be eco-friendly, ethical, functional and well-designed. Sustainable fashion shouldn’t feel like a chore; it should be fun without sacrificing your personal style,” Eliza adds. The space also has a workshop area, where they plan to hold a variety of yoga classes, fashion and sustainability events that are both educational and fun for consumers.

“Sustainable fashion shouldn’t feel like a chore; it should be fun without sacrificing your personal style”

Here are five eco-friendly fashion and yoga products they carry:

Beyond selling sustainable fashion, the team also hopes to bring eco-consciousness and transparency to the forefront of the fashion world. “Sustainable fashion is about knowing the material you wear, but also how it was made,” Eliza says. “Our clothes are made by people who are like us, with families, worries, feelings, and whose eyes get tired from working long hours. Once people can identify with the issue and the story behind the clothes, they buy not just the clothes but an eco-lifestyle too.”

Eliza and Wuen’s eco-friendly fashion tips: 

Consume Less Invest in a few key pieces that you love instead of having a disposable relationship with clothes.
Buy Organic Cotton Toxic pesticides sprayed across non-organic cotton fields can contaminate the land owned by cotton-growing communities, causing health issues.
Buy Wisely Ask yourself: “Can this item match with at least two other pieces in my wardrobe? Do I already own something similar? Is this a ‘fair trade’ brand?”

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Text: Elizabeth Liew
Images courtesy of Eliza Inoue and Wuen Lin Tan