Hosted by the Weekly‘s editor Elizabeth Lee, the Great Women of Our Time podcast shines the spotlight on inspirational women and their journey through motherhood and their career. It also touches on grit, and overcoming life’s challenges.

Member of Parliament for MacPherson SMC Tin Pei Ling is no stranger to adversity and tough challenges — she had a tumultuous start in politics in 2011, where she faced waves of negative publicity and drew criticism both online and offline, seemingly due to her youth and inexperience in politics.

Nearly a decade later, she won her third term in Parliament and garnered 71.74 per cent of the votes in her MacPherson ward during the general election in 2020. In the latest episode of our podcast, the mother of two reflects on her journey since then, and speaks to The Weekly about growing through tough times, motherhood, cyberbullying and being a woman in Singapore’s political scene.

Listen to our conversation, below:

Here are the highlights:

-42.19: On motherhood and how it has broadened her outlook on life and her work as well as its challenges
39.11: On her role model
-35:59: On her start in politics at a young age, coping with public scrutiny and the lessons she’s learnt
-31:43: Her advice for those dealing with cyberbullying
-27:54: We ask what’s in her bag
27:10: Her thoughts on the expectations of women in politics
-22:14: How she teaches her children about grit, and the challenges she faced while growing up
-16:59 What brings her joy
-15:53: The proudest moments of her journey as the MP for MacPherson SMC
07:45: Her hopes for Singapore in the near future
05:19: Her thoughts on the common misconceptions of millennials
03:57: Quickfire questions